TPHA Members Who Have Retired Since September 2020

The Tennessee Public Health Association congratulates the following individuals for this significant achievement and thanks them for their service.

Employee Name
Job Title
Date of Retirement
Davidson County Clarke,Stephanie Marie PUBLIC HEALTH NURSING CON 1 12/1/2020
Tipton County Burns,Teddy L ENV HEALTH SPECIALIST 3* 9/9/2020
Hardin County Page,Joseph Allan ENV HEALTH SPECIALIST 3* 7/31/2021
Davidson County Sanchez,Stephanie ADMIN SERVICES ASSISTANT 2* 9/8/2021
Coffee County Shelton,Brent L ENV HEALTH SPECIALIST 4 12/31/2020
Stewart County Trawick,Tammy A ENV HEALTH SPECIALIST 3* 1/20/2021
Anderson County Wyrick,Duane P ENV HEALTH SPECIALIST 4 3/4/2021
Davidson County Buchanan,Dariel Noel PUBLIC HEALTH EDUCATOR 3 7/31/2021
Davidson County Chart,Amy Renee PUBLIC HEALTH PROGRAM DIR 2 9/3/2021
Davidson County Frick,Steven Richard ADMIN SERVICES ASSISTANT 5 1/9/2021
Davidson County Goad,Sean A PUBLIC HEALTH PROGRAM DIR 1 12/1/2020
Davidson County Hodson,Erin Elizabeth EPIDEMIOLOGIST 1 9/10/2021
Davidson County Jackson,Amber N PUBLIC HEALTH PROGRAM DIR 2 5/19/2021
Davidson County Jackson,Jeannette M ADMIN SERVICES ASSISTANT 3 7/13/2021
Davidson County Lloyd,Kayla Cole ADMIN SERVICES ASSISTANT 2* 3/19/2021
Davidson County Bowers,Cassandra A INFECTION PREVENTION SPEC 2 4/30/2021
Davidson County Davis,Corinne M EPIDEMIOLOGIST 2 11/4/2020
Davidson County Engels,Keely Alexandra PH LABORATORY TECHNICIAN 2 2/13/2021
Davidson County Estes,Matthew David EPIDEMIOLOGIST 1 1/15/2021
Davidson County Fiscus,Michelle Dorothy PHYSICIAN 7/27/2021
Davidson County Geyer,Jennifer Leanne ADMIN SERVICES ASSISTANT 4 9/19/2020
Davidson County Gibson,Hope Michelle CLERK 3 8/28/2021
Davidson County Gorham,Rebecca P ENV HEALTH PROGRAM MANAGER 1 2/12/2021
Davidson County Jones,Cassandra Diane EPIDEMIOLOGIST 3 6/19/2021
Davidson County Kenigsberg,TatYana Anatoliyevna EPIDEMIOLOGIST 2 12/10/2020
Davidson County Kvasnicka,Abigail Joy PH LABORATORY TECHNICIAN 2 2/27/2021
Davidson County Law,Caitlin Shay EPIDEMIOLOGIST 2 10/17/2020
Davidson County Lewis,Kailey Al Mohareb EPIDEMIOLOGIST 1 7/31/2021
Davidson County Little,Jovan Tiana PUBLIC HEALTH ADMINISTRATOR 1 12/5/2020
Davidson County McLemore,Tracy Shawn PH LABORATORY MANAGER 3 10/31/2020
Davidson County Payne,Taylor Louise EPIDEMIOLOGIST 1 11/14/2020
Davidson County Pearson,Deborah G ADMIN SERVICES ASSISTANT 4 6/25/2021
Davidson County Pena,Sandra Adrianne EPIDEMIOLOGIST 1 9/2/2021
Davidson County Pepper,Jason R PH LABORATORY SCIENTIST 2 2/27/2021
Davidson County Pugh,Alan Michael PH LABORATORY SCIENTIST 2 1/25/2021
Davidson County Ramsey,Tyson Lee CLERK 3 12/4/2020
Davidson County Reaves,Erica Monique PH LABORATORY SCIENTIST 2 11/26/2020
Davidson County Retzer,Fiona Mary PH LABORATORY SCIENTIST 2 2/23/2021
Davidson County Roberts,Jodi Renee STUDENT INTERN 8/11/2021
Davidson County Roberts,Meagan Annette PH LABORATORY TECHNICIAN 2 8/7/2021
Davidson County Simpson,Justin A PH LABORATORY SCIENTIST 2 5/29/2021
Davidson County Valier,Madeleine Rose EPIDEMIOLOGIST 1 6/14/2021
Davidson County Beavers,Patricia Ann PUBLIC HEALTH ADMINISTRATOR 2 2/6/2021
Davidson County Black,Jennifer A EPIDEMIOLOGIST 2 1/7/2021
Davidson County Devasia Anderson,Rose Arackal PHYSICIAN 6/26/2021
Davidson County Goings,Samuel Nathan PUBLIC HEALTH PROGRAM DIR 3 11/4/2020
Knox  County Pittman,Kristen Cole Colado ADMIN SERVICES ASSISTANT 2* 9/11/2021
Shelby County Samms,Tametria Renee PUBLIC HEALTH REP 3 1/23/2021
Davidson County West,Nikki Demornae PUBLIC HEALTH PROGRAM DIR 1 7/30/2021
Davidson County Whaley,Kristyn McKenzie PUBLIC HEALTH PROGRAM DIR 2 7/31/2021
Davidson County Wilson,Stacey Ann ADMIN SERVICES ASSISTANT 4 1/6/2021
Davidson County Allen,Angeline A PUBLIC HEALTH ADMINISTRATOR 1 2/11/2021
Davidson County Mikhail,Bishowi Hamdi PUBLIC HEALTH PROGRAM DIR 3 9/8/2021
Davidson County Porter,Aundrea Jeanette PUBLIC HEALTH PROGRAM DIR 1 7/15/2021
Davidson County Lewis,Margaret T PUBLIC HEALTH ADMINISTRATOR 2 11/6/2020
Davidson County Marquez,Mitchell Amairy ADMIN SERVICES ASSISTANT 2* 4/24/2021
Davidson County Messer,Keith Eugene PUBLIC HEALTH PROGRAM DIR 1 8/3/2021
Davidson County Mullen,Sierra M EPIDEMIOLOGIST 1 1/6/2021
Davidson County Seabolt,Amy Michelle ADMIN SERVICES ASSISTANT 4 2/24/2021
Davidson County Chao,Samantha Jing Yi EPIDEMIOLOGIST 2 12/11/2020
Davidson County Davis,Tiffany D MANAGED CARE OPERATOR 7/26/2021
Davidson County Davison,Noelle Monique MANAGED CARE OPERATOR 4/30/2021
Putnam County Herron,Randall R CLINICAL APP COORDINATOR 3 6/16/2021
Davidson County Thomas,Christopher A ADMIN SERVICES ASSISTANT 3 3/9/2021
Washington County Henson,Terry L PUBLIC HEALTH PROGRAM DIR 2 7/15/2021
Washington County Lisenby,Kathy DISEASE INTERVENTION SPEC 1 2/5/2021
Washington County Low,Eloise Ann EPIDEMIOLOGIST 10/1/2020
Washington County Robbins,Donna G EPIDEMIOLOGIST 1/8/2021
Washington County Waddell,Charles J PROCUREMENT OFFICER 1 4/17/2021
Carter County Bradburn,Brittany Heather REGISTERED NURSE 2* 9/11/2020
Carter County Miller,Nancy E PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICE ASSISTANT 10/3/2020
Carter County Willis,Glenda F REGISTERED NURSE 4 5/25/2021
Greene County Coates Hensley,Hollie NURSE PRACTITIONER 9/9/2020
Greene County Hawkins,Crystal Gail SOCIAL COUNSELOR 2* 1/6/2021
Greene County Jones,Roger Carroll PHYSICIAN 7/30/2021
Greene County Leeman,Marti Rosanna REGISTERED NURSE 2* 12/19/2020
Greene County McCord,John Michael Harman SOCIAL COUNSELOR 2* 10/3/2020
Greene County Osborne,Catherine Byrd PUBLIC HEALTH COUNTY DIR 2/20/2021
Greene County Zook,Kimi PHYSICIAN 9/9/2021
Hawkins County Elkins,Dakota Breanne REGISTERED NURSE 2* 1/5/2021
Washington County Barker,Cynthia D REGISTERED NURSE 2* 3/30/2021
Washington County Edens,Rhonda L PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICE ASSISTANT 6/2/2021
Washington County Rhodes,Tarah Michelle PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICE ASSISTANT 9/8/2021
Knox  County Cochran Sr,Jack D HEALTH REGNL EMER RESP COOR 2 6/19/2021
Knox  County Farley II,Gary N ACCOUNTANT 2* 10/31/2020
Knox  County Haug,Paul C ADMIN SERVICES ASSISTANT 2* 4/1/2021
Knox  County Nelson,Kathy L REGISTERED NURSE 5 7/31/2021
Knox  County Ridley,Janet L PUBLIC HEALTH REG DIRECTOR 2/4/2021
Knox  County Tyler,Katrina T ADMIN SERVICES ASSISTANT 3 5/1/2021
Knox  County Wilson,Erica L PUBLIC HEALTH PROGRAM DIR 2 7/14/2021
Anderson County Elliott,Angela Marie PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICE ASSISTANT 3/20/2021
Anderson County Lloyd,Mary A PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICE COOR 6/18/2021
Anderson County Parson,Rachael Lynette HEALTH SERVICES DENTAL HYG 10/3/2020
Anderson County Peplies,Barbara Lynn NUTRITIONIST 2 3/4/2021
Blount County Kaylor,Jennifer Renee NURSE'S ASSISTANT 2* 12/31/2020
Campbell County Jones,Brandi Nicole PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICE ASSISTANT 6/5/2021
Claiborne County Louthan,Juanita K REGISTERED NURSE 3 5/15/2021
Claiborne County White,Sheena Danielle PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICE ASSISTANT 10/3/2020
Cocke County Anders,Cindy J HEALTH SERVICES DENTAL HYG 9/1/2021
Hamblen County Hicks,Michael Sean PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICE SUPV 1 5/4/2021
Hamblen County Primas,Christine Ann PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICE ASSISTANT 6/8/2021
Hamblen County Singleton,Ashley B PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICE SUPV 1 1/20/2021
Jefferson County Cagle,Deborah K REGISTERED NURSE 2* 5/29/2021
Jefferson County Fox,Farrah R PUBLIC HEALTH REP 2* 11/26/2020
Jefferson County Hendricks,Kaley Ashton PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICE ASSISTANT 7/30/2021
Jefferson County Wheetman,Patricia M PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICE ASSISTANT 4/9/2021
Monroe County Lane,Mary L LICENSED PRACTICAL NURSE 2* 3/7/2021
Monroe County Stamey,Cindy K PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICE ASSISTANT 10/3/2020
Monroe County Swart,Emma J PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICE ASSISTANT 6/16/2021
Morgan County Bailey,Cathy J HEALTH SERVICES DENTAL HYG 8/5/2021
Morgan County Jackson,Heather Mae NURSE'S ASSISTANT 2* 7/16/2021
Roane County Garren,Emily Cecilia NUTRITIONIST 2 8/13/2021
Roane County Thomas,Charlene K SOCIAL WORKER 2* 6/17/2021
Scott County Wright,Allison Nichole NUTRITION EDUCATOR 7/7/2021
Sevier County Ivey,Amber E REGISTERED NURSE 3 6/2/2021
Sevier County Lundy,Rae Ann SOCIAL COUNSELOR 2* 10/15/2020
Sevier County Pitner,Deborah A NURSE'S ASSISTANT 2* 11/21/2020
Sevier County Varnadore,Angela Marie DISEASE INTERVENTION SPEC 1 10/1/2020
Union County Campbell,Lesia G PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICE ASSISTANT 5/1/2021
Hamilton County North,Zachary John PUBLIC HEALTH EDUCATOR 2* 8/26/2021
Hamilton County Regan,Teresa Jane PHYSICIAN 4/12/2021
Hamilton County Thompson,Jackie M REGISTERED NURSE 4 6/18/2021
Bledsoe County Carr,Vicki D PUBLIC HEALTH COUNTY DIR 1/5/2021
Bledsoe County Johnson,Dawn Kimberly PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICE ASSISTANT 8/21/2021
Bledsoe County Ward,Deborah H HEALTH SERVICES DENTAL HYG 7/1/2021
Bradley County Barry,Kathy Smith NUTRITIONIST 2 7/1/2021
Grundy County Nunley,Patricia C PUBLIC HEALTH COUNTY DIR 8/7/2021
Rhea County Harris,Brenda F PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICE SUPV 1 5/11/2021
Sequatchie County Brown,Lisa A REGISTERED NURSE 2* 4/27/2021
Sequatchie County Nunley,Jillian Clarissa NURSE'S ASSISTANT 2* 6/12/2021
Putnam County French,Kayla Kristina PUBLIC HEALTH PROGRAM DIR 2 7/17/2021
Putnam County Hassler,Angela D PUBLIC HEALTH REG ASST DIR 12/17/2020
Putnam County Heischmidt,Kurt Aaron HEALTHY DEVELOPMENT COORD 7/7/2021
Putnam County Johnson,Deborah K PUBLIC HEALTH REG DIRECTOR 8/7/2021
Putnam County Langford,Kristi L HEALTH REGNL EMER RESP COOR 1 3/17/2021
Putnam County Means,Monica L NURSE PRACTITIONER 12/17/2020
Putnam County Natarajan,Geetha NUTRITIONIST 3 2/27/2021
Putnam County Pearson,Sharon Dianne DISEASE INTERVENTION SPEC 1 6/30/2021
Putnam County Vossel Jr,Louis F PHYSICIAN 9/9/2020
Cumberland County Adams,Amanda Pearl NURSE'S ASSISTANT 2* 4/13/2021
Cumberland County Geer,Honey Michelle LICENSED PRACTICAL NURSE 2* 8/21/2021
Cumberland County Gifford,Lindsey Michelle DENTAL ASSISTANT 3 6/8/2021
Cumberland County James,Andrea Leigh NURSE PRACTITIONER 11/17/2020
DeKalb County Buterbaugh,Jennifer D REGISTERED NURSE 2* 3/10/2021
DeKalb County Sherrell,Vickie Renee PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICE ASSISTANT 3/5/2021
Overton County Walton,Ashley Dawn REGISTERED NURSE 2* 4/7/2021
Putnam County Ray,Megan Lynn PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICE ASSISTANT 5/15/2021
Putnam County Womack,Jessica Michelle PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICE ASSISTANT 8/27/2021
Smith County Phillips,Ashton Leigh LICENSED PRACTICAL NURSE 2* 6/19/2021
Warren County Bond,Angela Renea LICENSED PRACTICAL NURSE 2* 4/8/2021
Warren County Fincher,April Lynn REGISTERED NURSE 3 2/17/2021
Warren County Myers,Regan Anne REGISTERED NURSE 2* 1/9/2021
Warren County Roberts,Tara Marie REGISTERED NURSE 2* 10/3/2020
White County Mathieu,Chelsea Denise REGISTERED NURSE 2* 4/10/2021
Davidson County Chandler,Tiera Renee PUBLIC HEALTH REP 2* 9/10/2021
Davidson County Hendrix,Erika Janece PHARMACY TECHNICIAN 11/23/2020
Davidson County Kitchens,Dinah H DENTIST 8/25/2021
Davidson County Miller,Maurice E BUSINESS TECH SUPPORT-INT* 10/13/2020
Davidson County Thompson,Latoya C ADMIN SERVICES ASSISTANT 3 9/8/2021
Cheatham County Anderson,Neely D REGISTERED NURSE 3 5/1/2021
Cheatham County Bateman,Brenda R REGISTERED NURSE 2* 4/22/2021
Cheatham County Ellis,Allison REGISTERED NURSE 2* 7/24/2021
Cheatham County Hull,Randi Danielle LICENSED PRACTICAL NURSE 2* 2/9/2021
Cheatham County Rogers,Alison Kay REGISTERED NURSE 2* 7/24/2021
Dickson County Orton,Shannon Dale PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICE SUPV 2 9/2/2021
Houston County Bass,Lisa Rae LICENSED PRACTICAL NURSE 2* 10/6/2020
Houston County Lyle,Candice K PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICE ASSISTANT 11/14/2020
Montgomery County Graves,Athenia M NURSE'S ASSISTANT 2* 8/8/2021
Montgomery County Lancaster,Hanna Lee REGISTERED NURSE 2* 9/7/2021
Montgomery County Leman,Brandy Shennel REGISTERED NURSE 2* 10/24/2020
Montgomery County Zimmerman,Phyllis R PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICE ASSISTANT 10/31/2020
Robertson County Cooper,Juanita Angelece REGISTERED NURSE 2* 10/24/2020
Robertson County Guess,Jodi Marie LICENSED PRACTICAL NURSE 2* 7/24/2021
Robertson County Guglielmo,Erin Michelle REGISTERED NURSE 2* 8/4/2021
Robertson County Martin,Nicole Latrice SOCIAL COUNSELOR 2* 7/3/2021
Rutherford County Garrett,Dana L PUBLIC HEALTH COUNTY DIR 10/14/2020
Sumner County Crabtree,Betsy Ann REGISTERED NURSE 3 8/14/2021
Sumner County Duckett,Shelby Lynn NURSE PRACTITIONER 9/9/2021
Sumner County Hammond,Piper Leigh NURSE PRACTITIONER 9/30/2020
Sumner County Marks Jr,Thomas E SOCIAL COUNSELOR SUPERVISOR 12/11/2020
Trousdale County Fitzpatrick,Leslie D REGISTERED NURSE 3 5/29/2021
Trousdale County Hardin,Joey Faye NURSE'S ASSISTANT 2* 9/1/2021
Wilson County Apple,Danyella Luwanna REGISTERED NURSE 2* 5/8/2021
Wilson County Arnold,Brittany Michelle REGISTERED NURSE 2* 6/11/2021
Wilson County Brown,Steven Carl PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICE ASSISTANT 8/5/2021
Wilson County Diffenderfer,Timothy S PUBLIC HEALTH COUNTY DIR 2/27/2021
Wilson County Glasgow,Rachel Erin NURSE'S ASSISTANT 2* 12/1/2020
Wilson County Gulizia,Laura K PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICE ASSISTANT 6/5/2021
Wilson County Sherfy,Elizabeth A REGISTERED NURSE 2* 11/26/2020
Wilson County Smith,Jeannette Vantrease PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICE ASSISTANT 12/30/2020
Maury County Fitzgerald,Kimberly Dawn BUSINESS TECH SUPPORT-LEAD 11/21/2020
Maury County Green,Joyce M REGISTERED NURSE 4 5/1/2021
Maury County Lendzian,Michael Patrick BUSINESS TECH SUPPORT-ADV 5/20/2021
Maury County Smith,Langdon G PHYSICIAN 7/10/2021
Bedford County Johnson,Linda Kay LICENSED PRACTICAL NURSE 2* 12/4/2020
Bedford County Troupe,Corinne A REGISTERED NURSE 4 1/30/2021
Coffee County Paul,Misty N LICENSED PRACTICAL NURSE 2* 6/24/2021
Giles County Holt,Amy Alicia REGISTERED NURSE 3 3/13/2021
Hickman County Adkisson,Mary J PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICE ASSISTANT 12/17/2020
Maury County Boyd,Nakina Lynn REGISTERED NURSE 2* 12/29/2020
Maury County Chrisman,Kristal Lee PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICE ASSISTANT 7/16/2021
Maury County Petty,Deborah Lynn REGISTERED NURSE 2* 7/12/2021
Maury County Pigg,Kimberly G PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICE SUPV 2 9/13/2021
Maury County White,Hannah RuthAnn REGISTERED NURSE 2* 10/14/2020
Wayne County Hoffmeyer,Hallie Boston HEALTH SERVICES DENTAL HYG 7/7/2021
Madison County Boone,Emily DENTAL ASSISTANT 3 6/18/2021
Madison County Cahill,Cherish Deann REGISTERED NURSE 2* 10/7/2020
Madison County Coleman,Joyce Flory REGISTERED NURSE 3 5/1/2021
Madison County Freeman,Chanda Lavette PUBLIC HEALTH PROGRAM DIR 1 5/20/2021
Madison County Gray,Amanda Gayle NURSE PRACTITIONER 7/2/2021
Madison County Hammonds,Vanessia A REGISTERED NURSE 4 4/29/2021
Madison County Hendricks,Regan Natalya ACCOUNTING TECHNICIAN 2 6/24/2021
Madison County Jones,Surina Leann REGISTERED NURSE 2* 4/10/2021
Madison County Lewis,Donna Sue REGISTERED NURSE 4 4/30/2021
Madison County Lewis,Donna Sue REGISTERED NURSE 4 7/31/2021
Madison County Porter,Susan S HEALTH REGNL EMER RESP COOR 2 4/30/2021
Madison County Russell,Myrtle Delores PUBLIC HEALTH PROGRAM DIR 2 1/5/2021
Madison County See,Amber Lacole DENTAL ASSISTANT 3 8/17/2021
Madison County Warren,Jewel H REGISTERED NURSE 3 4/30/2021
Madison County Warren,Jewel H REGISTERED NURSE 3 7/31/2021
Obion County Harden,Patricia P REGISTERED NURSE 5 4/30/2021
Obion County Moore,Donna K REGISTERED NURSE EXPAND SKILLS 7/31/2021
Obion County Warren,Pamela Marie REGISTERED NURSE 5 4/30/2021
Carroll County Foster,Heather Leann PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICE SUPV 1 9/11/2021
Carroll County Simpson,Allie Nicole REGISTERED NURSE 2* 1/26/2021
Carroll County Todd,Anna Grace REGISTERED NURSE 3 4/2/2021
Dyer County Hamstra,Dina Carol PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICE ASSISTANT 5/22/2021
Dyer County Jorge,Christina Belle NURSE PRACTITIONER 9/26/2020
Fayette County Wilson,Lisa Ferge PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICE ASSISTANT 8/20/2021
Gibson County Gordon,Rebecca A PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICE ASSISTANT 3/18/2021
Hardeman County Golden,Lameka Shaunta NURSE'S ASSISTANT 2* 10/22/2020
Hardin County Shelby,Amy C NURSE'S ASSISTANT 2* 2/9/2021
Haywood County Bond,Jamie PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICE SUPV 1 8/28/2021
Haywood County Thompson,Lakeychia L PUBLIC HEALTH EDUCATOR 2* 4/2/2021
Henderson County Edgin,April Dawn PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICE ASSISTANT 2/25/2021
Henderson County Lindsey,Courtney Dianne REGISTERED NURSE 2* 8/28/2021
Henry County England,Stephanie A PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICE ASSISTANT 1/16/2021
Henry County Hamilton,Deidre G REGISTERED NURSE 2* 9/1/2020
Henry County Perkins,Paula M REGISTERED NURSE 2* 3/11/2021
Henry County Rawls,Erica Louise SOCIAL WORKER 2* 1/30/2021
Lake County Gilliam,Audrey Diane PUBLIC HEALTH EDUCATOR 2* 3/9/2021
Lake County Wells,Breanna Haley PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICE ASSISTANT 4/10/2021
Lauderdale County White,Christina Marie REGISTERED NURSE 4 4/17/2021
McNairy County Hopkins,Cathy J PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICE SUPV 1 8/17/2021
Obion County Hill,Paul PHYSICIAN 7/16/2021
Obion County Ledbetter,Anna M PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICE ASSISTANT 6/2/2021
Obion County Sturgeon,Britnee R LICENSED PRACTICAL NURSE 2* 3/27/2021
Obion County Winchester,Jennifer Lynn PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICE SUPV 1 12/1/2020
Tipton County Frazier,Doris M SOCIAL WORKER 2* 10/7/2020
Tipton County Mitchell,Kailyn Elizabeth LICENSED PRACTICAL NURSE 2* 4/16/2021
Tipton County Permenter,Amelia A PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICE ASSISTANT 7/1/2021
Tipton County Poindexter,Jamesa C NURSE PRACTITIONER 9/2/2021
Tipton County Shockley,Brittany Anne REGISTERED NURSE 2* 4/10/2021
Tipton County Tillman,Tiffany Leigh REGISTERED NURSE 2* 3/13/2021
Tipton County Whitson,Patsy S REGISTERED NURSE 2* 3/13/2021
Tipton County Woods,Karen Kay REGISTERED NURSE 2* 9/11/2021
Weakley County Featherston,Haley D PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICE ASSISTANT 7/17/2021
Weakley County Smith,Sandra L NURSE PRACTITIONER 5/7/2021
Hamilton County Health Department Barnes, Becky EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Jul-21
Knox County Health Department Buchanan, MD, Martha HEALTH DIRECTOR Oct-21
Knox County Health Department Miller, Mark SENIOR DEPUTY DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS  Oct-21
Shelby County Health Department Martin, Judy DIRECTOR OF NURSING Feb-21