Board of Directors

Christian Williams, DrPH, MPH (President)
Assistant Professor, Director of Public Health Program
Belmont University

Alisa Haushalter, DNP, RN, PHNA-BC (Immediate Past-President)
Associate Professor of Advance Practice and Doctoral Studies
University of Tennessee Health Science Center

Dawn Ford, PhD, MS (President-elect)
Chief Epidemiologist
Clinical Associate Professor, Master of Public Health Program
University of Tennessee, Chattanooga

Marian Levy, DrPH, RD, FAND (Affiliate Representative to American Public Health Association)
Associate Dean and Professor
School of Public Health, The University of Memphis

Carrie Thomas, MPH (Vice President/East Tennessee)
Accreditation Specialist
Public Health Accreditation Board

LaShan Dixon (Vice President/Middle Tennessee)
Director of Sustainability, Office of Strategic Initiatives
Tennessee Department of Health

Emily Rushing (Vice President/West Tennessee)
County Health Director
Henderson, Carroll, and Chester County Health Departments

Tammy Mansfield, RN, BSN (Board Representative/Middle Tennessee)
Assistant State Director of Nursing, Community Health Services
Tennessee Department of Health

Poliala Dickson, PhD, MS, CHES (Board Representative/Middle Tennessee)
Assistant Professor
Tennessee State University

Tina McElravey, MPH, BSN, RN, NHDP-BC (Board Representative/West Tennessee)
Shelby County Health Department

Chelsei Granderson, (Board Representative/West Tennessee)
Local Engagement Director, Office of Strategic Initiatives
Tennessee Department of Health

Rebekah English (Board Representative/East Tennessee)
Regional Director
Northeast Regional Health Office

Marianne Sharp (Board Representative/East Tennessee)
Regional Accountant
East Regional Health Office

Lauren Weiland (Representing Dental Section)
Assistant State Dental Director
Tennessee Department of Health

Kahler Stone, DrPH (Representing Epidemiology & Communicable Disease Section)
Assistant Professor
Middle Tennessee State University

Aubrenie Jones, MPH (Representing Health Education/Health Promotion Section/Nutrition)
Local Engagement Director, Office of Strategic Initiatives
Tennessee Department of Health

Sarah Boop, RN, MPH (Representing Nursing Section and Chair of Program Committee)
Northeast Regional Health Office

Bradley Hawkins, PhD (Representing Public Health Academics Section)
Practicum Director, Master of Public Health Program
Vanderbilt University

Alina Cernasev, PhD (Representing Pharmacy Section)
Assistant Professor, College of Pharmacy
University of Tennessee Health Science Center

Lowe Wilkins (Representing Environmental Health Section)
Environmental Health Director
Hamilton County Health Department

Adalberto Valdez (Representing Emergency Preparedness Section)
County Health Director
Wilson and Trousdale County Health Departments 

Matt McDaniel, MPH (Chair of Audit and Finance Committee)
University of Memphis School of Health Studies

Kim Harrell (ex-Officio)
Executive Director
Tennessee Public Health Association