Sections are the Source of Expertise within TPHA

The purpose of each Section is twofold: to contribute knowledge and expertise to achieve the advocacy and educational goals of the Association, and to increase membership. 

We are currently seeking chairs for the Emergency Preparedness, Physicians, and Nutrition sections.  Anyone interested in serving, please contact Kim Harrell at [email protected] for more information.

TPHA's sections are organized by topic area or discipline and enable public health professionals with similar interests to connect.  The purpose of Sections is to contribute knowledge and expertise about a particular public health discipline or issue to the advocacy and educational goals of the Association, and to increase membership. Sections offer year-round programming such as networking events, professional development webinars and mentoring.  Members are allowed to join more than one section.  To learn more, contact the chairperson listed below. 

Health Education and Promotion | Aubrenie Jones, Chair | [email protected]

Nursing Section | Ingrid Long, Chair | [email protected]

Dental Section | Lauren Weiland, Chair | [email protected]

Pharmacy Section | Alina Cernasev, Chair | [email protected]

Public Health Academics | Bradley Hawkins, Chair | [email protected]

Student (sub-section of Public Health Academics) | Brad Hawkins, Chair | [email protected]

Vision Section | Rick Savoy, Chair | [email protected]

Epidemiology and Communicable Diseases | Kahler Stone, Chair | [email protected]

Environmental Health | Melissa Wolford, Chair | [email protected]

Mental Health (organization under development) | Joanne Perley, Chair | [email protected]