The Tennessee Public Health Association’s Policy Positions for 2021-2022

TPHA supports the American Public Health Association's national policy positions and works to apply them on the state and local level.

Approved by TPHA's Board of Directors on April 23, 2021

  • Increase and Protect Funding for Public Health Agencies and Programs

  • Uphold the ACA and Expand Access to Health Coverage and Services

  • Uphold Critical Public Health Laws/Regulations and Reverse Damaging Rollbacks

  • Address Climate Change as a Public Health issue

  • Address Gun Violence as a Public Health issue

  • Advance Racial Equity

How to Get Involved

Because of the nature of our work, public health professionals have the unique privilege of encountering people most often when they are at their most vulnerable.  No one knows the challenges to the health and wellness of Tennessean's experiencing poverty, racism, limited education, encumbering laws and regulations or some other systemic constraint that prohibits an individual from rising above their circumstances any better than TPHA members.  Who better than to advocate on their behalf?  Along with the privilege of our right to vote also comes great responsibility to be informed on the issues and aware of the political agendas that present the best solutions for ourselves, our families and those we serve through our commitment to the public health profession.   TPHA enables members to stay informed while giving them opportunities to share their knowledge and expertise about public health in the following ways:

  • Advocacy Training 101 Webinar
  • Public Health Day on the Hill
  • Lunch and Learn Educational Webinars
  • National and State Legislative Updates and Calls to Action
  • Positions papers and Talking Points about critical public health issues 
  • Spring Meetings
  • Annual Conference

TPHA encourages all its members to be active citizens of your community and state, and we stand committed to providing education and resources to ensure you stay well informed about relevant public health issues.