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People hearing presentationMembership in the Tennessee Public Health Association is far more than attending an annual conference at a discounted rate.  Membership includes working with like-minded professionals on committees, in professional sections and community volunteer efforts to make Tennessee a healthier and safer place for residents and visitors to live, work and play.  Benefits include professional growth and development, access to resources and events, leadership and skill building, networking and job searching, peer support, internships and mentoring programs and advocacy.  Continue reading to learn more about Member Benefits

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TPHA's 11th Annual Student Video Challenge is Closed

We are are no longer accepting videos for the 11th Annual Student Video Challenge. Winner(s) of the Challenge will be announced in April.

Videos should be based on the theme Evidence-based and Innovative Approaches to Ensure Healthier Communities for ALL. Deadline to submit video is Monday, March 18th by Noon (Central Time). Submit videos to Kim Harrell at [email protected]


  • Videos can be up to 2 minutes long.
  • Any full-time college/university student enrolled in a minimum of one public health course in the state of Tennessee from Spring 2023-Spring 2024 is eligible to enter.
  • Entrants must have a faculty sponsor to review video before submission.
  • Submit videos as an individual or group of up to 4 students.
  • All submission must include key contact person’s name and email and all other participating students’ names, along with the faculty sponsor’s name and contact email.
  • Students who enter individually must be a member of TPHA, or those who enter as a group must have at least one student who is a member of TPHA.

Selection Criteria:

  • Creativity
  • Use of Data
  • Clarity
  • Call to Action or Clear Recommendations
  • Relevancy of Topic (preference will be given to topics that support TPHA’s advocacy goals such as effective ways to address gun violence or public health issues impacting vulnerable populations like the aging, children, pregnant women and people with disabilities.)     
Click Here for More Information and to view Last Year's Videos 


TPHA Continues to Support a Comprehensive Plan to Address Gun Violence

The Tennessee Public Health Association continues to encourage members of Tennessee’s General Assembly to come together to enact common sense bipartisan legislation to address gun violence. We support funding to improve school safety and expand mental health services.  However, these measures alone are insufficient to adequately address the problem of gun violence. Tennessee needs a comprehensive solution to gun violence as recommended below:

  • Universal Background Checks should be required for everyone buying a gun whether purchased from a licensed dealer or by private transfer. Background checks should include fingerprinting, access to state mental health records, restraining order data, FBI data and be finalized before completion of the gun sale.
  • Extreme Risk Protection Orders to enable temporary removal of firearms from someone who is reasonably believed to be a risk to themselves or others.
  • Firearm License or Permit required for everyone to own or purchase a gun, just as a license is required to drive a car. Issuance of a license/permit should be contingent upon completion of gun safety training.
  • Child Access Prevention and Safe Storage laws with penalties sufficient to protect children at home by ensuring parents or guardians are securing their guns to prevent underage access.
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